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 Hazardous  Waste  Removal
CSE can remove any waste stream you may come across, from flammables to corrosives, liquids, solids and sludges.  We can also address any  unknowns that you may encounter.  We can identify and profile your waste streams for you.  We take pride in finding the best alternative for your  waste.  Expenditures are not the only variable with waste disosal, how and where it is being treated is also vitally important for liability reasons.   CSE utilizes only the premier disposal facilities and transporters in the industry, allowing our services to be “second to none”. CSE believes our  clients should know where their waste is destined, how it is to be treated and with comfort of mind, from “cradle to grave”.
 Lab Packs
Got some small container and bottles of chemicals that need to be disposed of properly?  A lab pack is an excellent way to consolidate all the like  materials into containers for proper shipment and disposal. Our team has multiple years of lab packing experience and has handled everything from  reactive metals to radio active waste streams. 
 Expired  Chemicals
Expired chemicals pose a risk by keeping them around.  Drums may start to leak, the chance to drop and break them is ever present, and the liability  of using an expired product in your process is unnecessary.  When you have expired chemicals, call CSE.  We can make them go away and limit  your liability of having them.  We may even be able to find a new home for them instead of having to handle them as a waste.
 Waste  Exchange  Program
Got as waste stream that seems just to clean and pure to have to handle as a hazardous waste?  Let us help.  We can find alternative uses for a lot of  chemicals that are in demand.
 Waste Minimization
Waste minimization is an essential goal for all waste generators.  How you have your waste treated is a large part of minimizing your waste's impacts.  There may be process that can be utilized to limit some waste streams all together.  Let CSE show you how.
 Industrial and Non-  Hazardous Waste  Removal 
Non RCRA regulated material is a big part of what we do.  There are a lot of waste that just simply can't go in the dumpster but are not technically a hazardous waste.  Some waste may be completely safe, but have your company logo on them and need to be destroyed. CSE has lots of options for non hazardous waste, including vacuum truck and tanker work.  
 Waste  Consolidation
When waste comes in sporadically, sometime you end up with a pile of oddball cleaning agents, paints, car products, etc.  In this case, let CSE manage the waste in an efficient way of consolidation.  We can package the waste in a way to minimize the number (and costs) of containers that need to be shipped.  We have been known to make entire pallets disappear into just a few drums.
 Used Oil Collection
Used oil collection has become so competitive that you have to really know where your oil is being handled and by whom.  Luckily, CSE has done that work for you and can have your used oil picked up usually within a week.
 Bio Hazardous  Waste

Tired of using a vendor that forces you into a long term contract?  Why would they do that if their services was great?  The truth is that the service is not great.  Give CSE a call to get you biohazardous waste handled quickly and efficiently.

Electronic Recycling
One of our favorite things to do is recycle!  Many electronics container metals that are hazardous, but qualify for recycling.  CSE recycles every type of electronics,  light bulbs, ballast, and every type of battery.  Let us know and we can set up a recycling center at your facility.

We’re Here to Help

Customer Service

Customer Service Means: You Are The Customer and that We are Here to Serve You

So simple, yet so disregarded.  We know you need phone calls returned and questions answered. Tired of waste facilities that treat you as a number, forgetting that YOU are the customer?  At Clean Solution Environmental, we strive to bring you top notch customer service.  Your questions are important to us as we value every customer's concerns.  Our customers rely on a team dedicated to solving every waste need.  Together we can change the waste management world.   Call us.

We are all about you.  CSE is dedicated to helping you with every aspect of waste management.  We are upfront and honest.  If there is something we can't do, we will tell you.  In this business, our reputation and trust is all important.  We humbly thank our current customers for placing their trust in us and offer the same to our future clients.  Thank You!